Singapore Conference Hall
Our Past…
Formerly known as Conference Hall and Trade Union House, the Singapore Conference Hall was the result of the idea that was mooted in 1960, to have a venue for international events in Singapore. With a design that won the top award at an architecture design competition in 1961, construction works for the building commenced on 9th May 1963 and were completed two years later in 1965 at a cost of $4 million dollars. Its avant-garde design was a superb example of Singapore’s urban architecture in the 1960s. Despite its avant-garde design, it was built with an eye on functionalism and practicality. The cantilevered roof and terrace, which provides sun-shading to the interior reflects the sensitive approach taken in consideration of the local climate. Fully equipped to cater for international conferences and designed for acoustic excellence for musical performances, it was undoubtedly the biggest and best of its kind in Singapore then. There were ample facilities for press, radio and television coverage, which included private booths for radio and telephone calls, a special soundproof booth for tape-recording speeches, facilities for dispatch and general information, provisions for a projector room, film rewinding and multi-lingual simultaneous translator facilities with soundproof observation room for six translators.

Officially opened by the then-Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew on 15th October 1965 and subsequently served as the headquarters of the National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) for many years, the Singapore Conference Hall saw the creation of historical milestones and a wide spectrum of significant events, ranging from international events like the first Commonwealth Heads of Delegations conference to be held outside the traditional family meeting place, London in 1971 to home celebrations and political events like the State Banquet in Celebration of National Day and the 150th Anniversary of the Founding of Modern Singapore on 8th August 1969, the Inaugural Meeting of the National Road Safety Campaign Committee in 1977, the NTUC May Day Rally in 1978 and the election of Singapore’s first elected President in 1993.
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