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Li Baoshun Gaohu

Su Chunmei Dan

Zeng Xiaomin Dan

Wang Yanfei Wusheng


Sighing in the Firewood House from Search the College 

Zhaojun Departs the Frontier  

The Story of the Burning Incense 

Remembrance of Sun Yat San (World Premiere)

The Ode of Lychee 

Legend of the White Snake • Love (Singapore Premiere)


Cantonese opera fans must not miss this Cantonese opera concert! Celebrated Hung Sin-nui successor Su Chunmei, top-notch artists from the Guangdong Cantonese Opera Troupe – Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Award winner Zeng Xiaomin, Chinese National First-grade actors Wen Ruqing and Wang Yanfei will perform with SCO! Don’t miss Zeng Xiaomin (as Madam White Snake), Wen Ruqing (as Xu Xian) and Wang Yanfei (as Fahai) as they perform the Singapore premiere of Legend of the White Snake • Love.

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