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1a) Seminars/ Workshops/ Ceremonies/ Lectures/ Product Launches/ Others - Event:

Event Package (4 hours) - Minimum rental of S$3,000 or 18% of ticket sales, whichever is higher
Additional hour - S$750
Peak surcharge - S$600

1b) Seminars/ Workshops/ Ceremonies/ Lectures/ Product Launches/ Others - Rehearsal:

Rehearsal Package (4 hours) - S$1800
Additional hour - S$450
Peak surcharge - S$400 (Waived if rehearsal falls on the same day as performance)

Note: The 4-hour performance is inclusive of Load in/Technical Set-up/Props Set-up/Bump-out time. All items including props and equipment brought in by the hirer have to be dismantled and removed from the Hall before the ending time of hire.
Event/ Rehearsal Package:
-  Basic Lighting (General wash on stage)
-  Air-conditioning (1 hour prior event)
-  2 Reception Counters at the 2 Foyers
-  4 Backstage Soloist Rooms (VIP Rooms 2 to 5)
-  30 Seminar Chairs
-  10 Tables with Table Skirting
-  2 Dynamic Microphones c/w stand
-  2 Condenser microphones c/w stand
-  4 Wireless/handheld/Lapel/Headset Microphones c/w stand
-  1 D.I Box
-  1 Motorised Screen
-  *LCD projector
-  8 Ushers (only for evenings and weekends for events package)

*All charges are subject to change without prior notice.
*Includes connection of up to 1 laptops, 1 CD Player and 1 DVD Player. Any additional connection will be charged accordingly.
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