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Lee Jun Cheng Dizi


Crossing Streets Zhou Yuguo and Lei Guangyao

Spring Dawn on the Emerald Lake Traditional folk music, arranged by Nie Er, orchestrated by Liu Wenjin

Seventh movement: Orange – Song of the Sun from Variations of Harmony Suite Zhang Zhao

Flavours of Yunnan Kuan Nai-chung

Soaring Song Tang Jianping

Dianxi Folk Tunes Guo Wenjing

Immerse in a night of beautiful Yunnan tunes as SCO’s assistant conductor, Moses Gay, presents a repertoire of great works including Variations of Harmony Suite, Flavours of Yunnan by Kuan Nai-chung and Dianxi Folk Tunes by Guo Wenjing. SCO’s young dizi musician, Lee Jun Cheng, will also perform the Soaring Song. Experience the youthful sparkles of melodic works in this concert!

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