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Philharmonic Youth Winds is proud to present the 12th instalment of the Classiques! series - Classiques! Europa. Joining us this year are Solo Tenor, Baek Jongwoo, SSO's section Trumpet, Lau Wen Rong, as well as SPF Band's Deputy Director of Music, ASP Lau Lifeng.

Having both Wen Rong and Lifeng, who are also part of The Philharmonic Winds family, is especially meaningful for the Philharmonic Youth Winds, as they were both part of PhilYouth before embarking on their successful professional music pursuits. Wen Rong will be showcasing his own rendition of Armenian composer, Alexander Arutiunian's, well-known Trumpet Concerto for the first time in a wind band setting. Lifeng will be conducting the band in British Composer Malcolm Arnold's "Inn of the Sixth Happiness", which includes the famous children's tune "This Old Man", as well as Spanish composer Luis Serrano Alarcon's "La Lira de Pozuelo".

The band will also be presenting Martin Ellerby's "The Cries of London", a musical interpretation of London's landscapes, that includes Ellerby's play on the famous tune "London Bridge is Falling Down", sung by Jongwoo. One biggest highlight of the concert will be the finale piece, "Extreme Make-over" by Johan de Meij, a well-known piece (and some may say infamous) for how it challenges the band's technicality as well as musicianship.

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