SYF 2019 Rehearsal Booking will be based on a ballot exercise.

Booking Form

SYF 2019 rehearsal booking will be carried out via an internal balloting exercise. Should you wish to participate, please download the forms below and send the completed forms to

Click here for more information on SYF 2019 rehearsal booking process.


When do schools make payment?
An e-invoice will be sent about 2 weeks after confirmation of the rehearsal slot. Schools are to make payment within 30 days of receiving the e-invoice.
What if I cannot make it for the appointment to select the rehearsal slot?
What is the duration of 1 rehearsal slot?
Will instrument stands be provided during rehearsal?
Can we bring additional percussion instruments that are not in the standard list?
Where do I report to on the rehearsal day?
How many rehearsal slots can schools book?

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